Código Tamaño Nombre
110060011 21" ECO ORBIS Black
110060012 26" ECO ORBIS Black
110060013 30" ECO ORBIS Black
110060181 21" ECO ORBIS Blue
110060182 26" ECO ORBIS Blue
110060183 30" ECO ORBIS Blue
110060441 21" ECO ORBIS Peltre
110060442 26" ECO ORBIS Peltre
110060443 30" ECO ORBIS Peltre

21" - 3.1 Kg
26" - 4.2 Kg
30" - 5.1 Kg


21" - 53 x 33 x 23cm
26" - 66 x 40 x 27cm
30" - 76 x 48 x 30cm


100% ABS Plástico Reciclado


21" - +25%
26" - +25%
30" - +25%




360º giratorias


Sin marco / Sistema interno de la manija hecha de aluminio ligero


5 años

Eco Orbis™ Made from 100% Recycled Plastic

The Eco Orbis™ is a Spinner Luggage made from Recycled Plastic. The combination of high fashion and environmental concern makes the Eco Orbis™ a very unique luggage piece. The Eco Orbis™ mesmerizing circular pattern ensures that you will find nothing else alike. Inspired by geometric and abstract works of art, the Eco Orbis™ is designed for the fashion minded individual.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Eco Orbis™ offers incredible strength, durability, flexibility and lightweight properties altogether. Creating luggage out of recycled materials reduces the demand for new materials and resources. In effect, this also reduces materials that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill.

Its Spinner wheels provide easy maneuverability. Its larger diameter spinner wheels are more robust and they allow for effortless gliding in different terrains. Functionality can be found in its zippered expansion system which adds 25% more packing space. The 26" and 21" features a Piggy-Back system, so that you can carry multiple pieces of luggage with just one hand. It also has a fully lined interior with a built-in divider with a mesh pocket, and an internal telescopic handle system with a push-button locking system.

The Lightweight Eco Orbis Spinners come in a variety of colors; from an elegant Black to a radiant Red finish, as well as the trendy Lilac.